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We can provide you the most thorough inspections and best customer service when assessing your residential, industrial or commercial buildings.
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Home Inspection | EWA Home Inspections | Corona, CA | (626) 358-5462
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Home Inspection
We have 25 years of professional experience and look forward to providing our services on commercial and industrial buildings.
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Home Inspection

Building Inspector


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Home Inspection

Home Inspection | EWA Home Inspections | Corona, CA | (626) 358-5462

Before you purchase a home, a quality inspection will inform you of the condition of the home. This will help you make an informed decision on your purchase…

Building Inspector

Building Inspector | EWA Home Inspections | Corona, CA | (626) 358-5462

Before you purchase that commercial building make sure you have it properly inspected. At EWA Home Inspections we...

Industrial Building Inspection

At EWA Home Inspections we have experience in engineering, construction and inspections providing us with expertise on...

Experience Counts Where Much is Invested!

Welcome to EWA Home Inspections

At EWA Home Inspections, we know that your property is a big investment, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial. When you choose to hire an inspection company to assess the condition of the property, you want someone you know has experience. At EWA Home Inspections, you can be confident, that you are getting a high level of expertise on proper, thorough inspections.

We’ve been providing property inspections for 25 years and have completed over 11,000 inspections. You don’t get to perform that many inspections if you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t love what you do. Here at EWA Home Inspections, both know and love our jobs.

We believe it’s important that property buyers have as much information as possible to make an informed decision regarding a property they are considering buying.  We are also committed to education and each week we pass out thousands of flyers so people can know and understand the various components and conditions of homes and buildings.

At EWA Home Inspections we offer residential, commercial building, and industrial building inspections in Corona, CA and surrounding counties. The prices of inspections will vary depending upon the size of the property being inspected.

With all of our inspections you can expect us to look at both the interior and exterior of the property, get up on the roof, access crawl spaces and attics, inspect walls, electrical and plumbing systems. We inspect too many item on the property to list.

For a complete list of what we inspect on different properties contact us. Be sure to ask us about savings on condo and residential inspections.

Contact EWA Home Inspections and remember, experience counts where much is invested. 

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EWA Home Inspections

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