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At EWA Home Inspections we have experience in engineering, construction, and inspections, providing us with expertise on inspection processes of different types of structures.

Another service we offer is industrial building inspection in Corona, CA. We are able to assess the condition of the industrial property by inspecting the characteristics of the site, like landscaping and utilities, the structure of the building, doors and windows, mechanical and electrical systems in place, the roof, plumbing systems, elevators and asbestos, pest and lead. This is not an all-inclusive list of what goes in to an industrial inspection and every site is different.

During the facility inspection we conduct a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior of the property.

All our inspections are done by appointment and we usually have a one day turnaround time. Based on the size and scope of the industrial facility being inspected, inspection times vary as well as the price.

We also perform environmental site inspections which include potential or existing environmental contaminants. During this inspection we look at the land as well as the improvements to the property. Depending on the findings of the initial inspection, a further assessment of the property may have to done in which groundwater, soil, air and building materials may be tested.

Our inspectors are professional and reliable. We have 25 years of experience performing over 11 thousand inspections of various properties. We are a reputable firm with a fast turnaround time and many satisfied customers. Once we complete the inspection we will review the findings with you so you can be informed and knowledgeable regarding the industrial building in question.

If you require industrial building inspections in Corona, CA, contact us to setup an appointment.

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